Amazing transformations: recent projects by interior designers in Philadelphia

In Uncle Sam's country, Philadelphia is not just a historic city. To this day, it is still very dynamic, vibrant and full of promise. Having a primary or secondary residence in this city is therefore an excellent idea. To enhance the value of your property, it is recommended to decorate it well, both indoors and outdoors. If you have this project in mind, you can count on a community of talented interior designers and decoration professionals. They help you push the boundaries of design and transform your ordinary spaces into extraordinary places. Find out how they can be useful to you through this article.

Presentation of recent inspiring projects

Architects and other design professionals in Philadelphia offer you many decorating options. Recent projects by interior designers in Philadelphia showcase amazing transformations.. To give you an idea of their know-how, there is nothing better than reviewing the recent projects carried out by them.

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An industrial loft transformed into a haven of peace

Located in the trendy Northern Liberties neighborhood, this 150 square meter loft was originally a raw, cold space. The interior designers were able to transform it into a warm and elegant haven of peace.

To keep its old-school feel, these professionals have preserved some of its original elements such as its brick walls and exposed beams. With added modern elements such as furniture and colored coverings, we obtain a striking contrast in the interior.

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Natural light has also been optimized thanks to the installation of larger windows and bay windows.

A perfectly restored Victorian house

In Rittenhouse Square, another historic neighborhood in Philadelphia, you can also find a completely restored Victorian house dating from 1870. Thanks to their work, these professionals have managed to preserve the old-world charm of this building while providing modern comfort and amenities.

The result is an elegant and refined house that perfectly combines period elements and contemporary design. If you have a property of this type, you can give it a modern touch and at the same time increase its value.

These two projects are just a few examples of the stunning transformations carried out by Philadelphia interior designers. They illustrate the diversity of talents and styles of this creative community. So don’t hesitate to use their service for your decoration or restoration project.

Techniques and trends implemented

When remodeling a house, you can notice that trends clearly emerge. The most notable trend is that of mix & match. Very daring, the latter consists of mixing styles, periods and materials to create unique and surprising spaces.

In a city as historic as Philadelphia where there are many properties that are several years old, it allows you to make something new out of the old.

Omnipresent natural light

In an interior decoration project, natural light can achieve a result that is out of the ordinary. With new openings and bay windows, it becomes easier to attract natural light and keep it indoors, in all rooms of the house.

Spaces are therefore more alive thanks to this light, which increases well-being and interior comfort.

Sustainability and respect for the environment

Decoration professionals also use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials in their various projects. This consists, for example, of the use of FSC-certified wood and ecological paints.

Sustainable materials are useful both in the renovation of the house and in the design of elements that we invite indoors, like furniture.

Smart technologies

Smart technologies are also very trendy in the world of interior design. The latter largely makes it possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the home and optimize the safety of the property and the occupants of the house. Among other things, it allows you to optimize interior comfort and make substantial savings in the process.

They can consist, for example, of the adoption of smart bulbs, surveillance and security systems.

Challenges encountered

When carrying out their various works, architects may face certain challenges. Although a professional company can avoid this type of problem, it is not uncommon for meeting budgets and deadlines to be a problem.

For good reason, it is common to face unforeseen events, especially in renovation projects. For example, these could be structural problems that were not detected during an initial inspection. As a result, this may result in delays and additional costs.

Further, it is sometimes possible that customer requirements are contradictory. Their desires may not be adapted to the architect's vision, or simply difficult to reconcile with the technical and budgetary constraints of the project. In these latter cases, finding better solutions is essential.

By hiring a professional like Design By Anais, you put all the chances on your side to have quality work. All clients who have already tried their services can attest to their skills and professionalism.

Customer Feedback

For the various works carried out, our agency has collected numerous comments from satisfied customers. We can highlight the latter.

Chris McCarthy

I am absolutely delighted with the work of this agency. She was able to transform my loft into a true haven of peace. I love the contrast between the original elements and the modern design. I feel perfect when I arrive at my residence from time to time. I am delighted and recommend this fact.

Catherine de Boer

When I entrusted my grandmother's house, I expected a satisfactory result. However, the metamorphosis is complete and I am more than satisfied. I am very proud of the result. I can’t wait for my husband to join me this summer!

James Marvins

I entrusted my offices to Design By Anais and the result is simply magnificent. The new design of our offices is a real success. The space is now brighter, more open and more friendly. My colleagues love it and it shows.

Impact on the community

Architectural projects carried out by qualified professionals can have significant impacts in the community. Firstly, they contribute to improving the quality of life of community residents.

When the final architecture is uniform and easily identifiable, it can help strengthen the sense of community. In addition to homes having a unique style, architectural projects can create more welcoming and user-friendly public spaces.

Friendly public spaces and homes with unique styles can also be a source of fascination for tourists. If you have a second home in these conditions, you can easily take advantage of it by renting seasonally.

Finally, a dynamic and attractive city as well as increasingly modern housing contribute to the enhancement of local heritage. When you want to sell, you can be sure of making a good profit.


Entrusting your interior design projects to a professional agency like Design By Anais is an excellent idea. The various projects under their belt as well as the numerous positive reviews from former clients speak for them. So if you are looking for a talented and creative interior designer in Philadelphia, don’t hesitate to call them. You will not be disappointed.